Real Thai Food With Thai Caterers In Swindon

by Ployta Wong

Our Thai food has become increasingly popular in Swindon and Wiltshire over the past 12 months. Why? Because Thai food is famed for its rich, fresh and varied spices. Because of this we're requested for various functions including weddings, anniversaries and work parties.

Nowadays, many pubs and restaurants across the UK, and increasingly the world, serve 'Thai food'. Although, lets be frank, at best this service only emulates the regions food. It is infact rarely made by Thai's and as such can't be described as legitimate Thai cuisine. At best it is a pale imitation that rarely honors the original.

Here's a few facts about Thailand before we discuss Thai cuisine further. Thai people regard themselves as 'the land of the free'. Why? Because throughout its history Thailand is the only country in south east Asia who staved off colonialism. Despite some misconceptions, Thailand is not a small country. It's land mass is actually slightly bigger than some European countries including Spain. It is only in recent years that Thai cuisine has been experienced in the West. Its popularity is soaring.

Familiar herbs used in Thai dishes are mint, Thai basil, garlic and prominently chili. You'll find these ingredients stoke the taste buds in Seafood salad and roast duck among others. These are dishes that are best supplemented with noodles and rice. Jasmine rice, derived from Thailand, and egg noodles are common compliments.

The Thai diet is full of vegetables and fruit. Compare this for a moment to your average western diet. Food from Thailand is typically very healthy. Its vibrant spices and ingredients mean that it's consistently risen in popularity. This is demonstrable in the sprawling number of Thai food outlets and, as we've witnessed, the demand for caterers of Thai food.

Thanks for reading this article. We trust the content has been interesting and enlightening. Please contact us for traditional Thai recipes and other information. We're here to serve your needs.

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